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Successful migration to ERTMS in West Jutland

The Thales-Strukton joint venture has successfully completed the installation of ERTMS on the railway lines between Holstebro and Skjern and Herning-Skjern-Esbjerg in West Jutland, Denmark. The rollout is the fifth in Jutland. The old, analogue signalling system on the railway from Esbjerg over Skjern and on to respectively Herning and Holstebro has been replaced with ERTMS. We have added another 150 kilometres of railway lines with 11 stations, 73 level crossings, 5 passenger warning systems, 45 point machines, 4 derailers and 3 interfaces to the ERTMS network.

This is an important milestone in Banedanmark’s major Signalling Programme to renovate the outdated Danish signalling systems on both the S-Bane and the Fjernbane. The Fjernbane is being equipped with the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS). In the long run, the upgrade will provide for higher speed, more trains and a more stable train operation.

The ERTMS migration in Denmark also involves renewal of all level crossings, point mechanisms, cabling, cabinets and power supply.

Paul de Haas, member of the Executive Board of the Thales-Strukton joint venture: “During this fifth rollout, we have also made adjustments to lines that have been migrated at an earlier stage.”

Fewer delays

The upgrade means that the old signals along the track will disappear. The old signals are the main reason why trains are delayed in Denmark. With ERTMS being installed, the signal will be sent directly to the driver’s computer screen in the cab. At the same time, Banedanmark’s traffic management can monitor the train operation with great precision at all times. This will mean more efficient traffic management and fewer delays in the long run.

“We are embarking on a massive, billion-dollar investment in the Danish railway network, and I am very pleased that we are now getting a state-of-the-art railway in Central and Western Jutland. This is good news for the passengers, who can look forward to higher quality and more trains on time,” says Thomas Danielsen, Denmark’s Minister for Transport.

Arriva is the operator running the sections between Esbjerg and Skjern and on to Herning, while the section between Holstebro and Skjern is operated by Midtjyske Jernbaner. The train companies are happy with the upgrade.

Level crossings

Road users in West Jutland also benefit from the new signalling system. In connection with the rollout, 73 level crossings have been upgraded. 24 level crossings, which were previously secured with lights and sound, are being upgraded with barrier systems. 23 crossings, which were previously secured with half barriers, have been upgraded to full barriers.

Thales-Strukton joint venture

The Thales-Strukton joint venture is responsible for the complete system engineering process, including a design phase, a pilot and the roll-out per line. Once installation is complete, the system will be maintained for 25 years. Thales is supplying the software and the management system and Strukton Rail signed for the power supply systems, the cabling, the civil designs and the complete installation.

ERTMS in Denmark

  • Towards 2030, Banedanmark will replace all the old, analogue signals along Denmark’s railway network with new signalling systems – a total of more than 2,600 kilometres
  • The new system is called ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) and is based on pan-European standards. It creates better conditions for train traffic across European borders.
  • With the new signalling system, the trains and rails will be equipped with new technical equipment that communicates in one unified system. In this way, the system provides, among other things, more efficient train operation and better traffic information.

The ERTMS project in Denmark

Strukton and Thales to install ERTMS level 2 in Jutland

ERTMS in Denmark

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