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Partner for sustainable rail network.

With 100 years of railway experience in heavily used rail networks, we are committed to build and maintain safe, future-proof and sustainable rail networks.

Thanks to decades of knowledge and experience we can count ourselves amongst the leaders of the rail industry in Europe. We have sound maintenance expertise, and we are at the heart of ground-breaking technological developments at the same time. We connect rail infrastructure, rolling stock and electrical systems.

Attractive, safe and reliable

Our primary objective is to make the rail system attractive, safe and reliable. Attractive rail transport is in our vision:

  • Sustainable: energy efficient, clean and in balance with the environment
  • Safe, punctual and reliable
  • Focussing on the needs of passengers and operators
  • Competitive in comparison with road, air and shipping traffic

Partner for the future

We believe that rail transport is the transport of the future. It is not only the most sustainable form of transportation, the rail network will also become the most important hub for all infrastructures. From essential connections between ports and the hinterland to charging locations for electric cars alongside the rails. In order to construct and maintain these networks, partnerships are key.

We are both willing and able to act as a reliable partner. Delivering sustainable innovations, domain knowledge and decisive technological knowledge, we can entirely or partially take care of the concerns of our customers. In partnership we aim for a safe and operational rail network. Rail maintenance is enhanced because we utilise data optimally. We do this in urban areas, for local lines and for freight transport.

Strukton’s proud professionals

Our passionate employees are keen to go the extra half mile for customers and one another. It’s not a coincidence that our people together form the Strukton family. Proud of one another and of our combined performance. Working safely and in good health are the cornerstones of our workforce. In the same vein as professionalism. Our employees enjoy every opportunity for development.

Local expertise internationally

While our roots are firmly in the Netherlands. We now count Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Italy as part of our domestic market. Our equipment can be deployed internationally. Our people are present locally, understand the ins and outs of the local situation, search for the safest and most innovative solutions, and produce ground-breaking ideas.

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