Our expertises

Thanks to decades of knowledge and experience we can count ourselves amongst the leaders of the rail industry in Europe. We have sound maintenance expertise, and we are at the heart of ground-breaking technological developments at the same time. We connect rail infrastructure, rolling stock and electrical systems.

With our 100 years of knowledge and experience, we are at the top of the rail industry in Europe. In addition to sound maintenance expertise, we are at the basis of innovative technological developments. We connect rail infrastructure, rolling stock and electrical systems.

Our expertise

This is where technology, technical knowhow and daily operations come together

We connect the latest technology, smart systems and processes with the daily maintenance operations.

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From data to information

We collect, analyse and interpret rail data to keep the rail network in optimal condition. In that way, we contribute to sustainable infrastructure for everyone.

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The partner voor ERTMS and ETCS

From maintenance of existing safety systems to the implementation of ERTMS/ETCS: we are the partner for a safe rail network.

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Manager of short lines

Factory sidings are often the lifeline of companies and need therefore always be available. We optimise availiability through safe and reliable maintenance and management.

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Everything we need in-house

With our extensive knowledge and expertise we cover all disciplines: from rail work, underpasses and cellar structures to platforms, technical systems and paving.

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