Strukton Track Scan

Streamlining rail condition monitoring

Current track maintenance processes are often reactive and inefficient. Track measurement improves risk management and minimises blind spots but can be time-consuming and costly. As a result, many railway managers are looking for ways to streamline rail condition monitoring processes and simultaneously reduce maintenance costs and increase asset integrity. We have developed a solution: Strukton Track Scan, a laser-based system that gathers track data quickly, objectively, and safely.

A laser-based system that gathers track data quickly, objectively, and safely

Strukton Track Scan is a modular, rail vehicle-mounted system that can be deployed on all types of railway networks and track gauges to measure track condition and geometry. Lasers are calibrated to the track width for accurate measurement of the track condition. This reduces or removes the need for manual physical inspections, reduces network downtime and increases measurement reliability.

Strukton Rail can also analyse track scan data and apply advanced predictive maintenance techniques to verify track infrastructure integrity.


The Track Scan provides infrastructure managers with the following deliverables:

  • Simultaneous measurement of rail wear, rail geometry, rail ties, fasteners, joints and ballast
  • Graphs, visuals and mapping in GIS-based portal
  • Quick analysis of customer-specific threshold exceedances
  • Images of the track being scanned
  • Enables replacement of track foot patrol and field inspections
  • Predicts track deterioration rates
  • Adds predictive maintenance capability (with the help of Strukton Rail Smart Maintenance Planning (SMP) services)
  • Integrates lifecycle costing based on deterioration rates.

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