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First railway contract for Stockholm metro line expansion

This week, our colleagues in Sweden signed the first rail contract for the extension of the new metro line in Stockholm. We were awarded the contract, mentioned FUT 4743 Akalla-Barkarby contract in procurement language, in competition with nine other tenderers after an evaluation of both price and quality.

Historic extension

The contract involves the construction of approximately four kilometres of double-track expansion, where we are responsible for the track, groundwork, busbar, 400 V electricity and more. The work will take place in the tunnel that is now in being built between the existing station Akalla and the future station that also is being built under Barkarby commuter rail station. Another station, Barkarbystaden, will be built in the middle of the stretch. This new station is situated in an area that is estimated to have about 50,000 inhabitants by 2035.

We live and breathe subway

“It is historic to be the first to build a new metro line in Stockholm, something that has not happened in about 30 years. We are especially excited because Strukton Rail is a company that lives and breathes subway through our large maintenance contract for the subway that we have had since 2012,” says Strukton Rail Sweden’s CEO, Johan Oscarsson.


Planning for the project starts immediately. A lot of actors and stakeholders will be on site at the same time and the space is limited in this underground project. This places great demands on logistics and cooperation. The physical implementation of the work is expected to begin in the autumn of 2023 and the contract in its entirety will be completed in 2025.

Underground projects provide an extra dimension that is both challenging and fun

“Believe it or not, we are really eager to be ‘going underground again’. In 2018, we completed our major project of building the railway system for Citybanan under Stockholm. Underground projects provide an extra dimension that is both challenging and fun,” says District Manager for Project East, Christoffer Kednert.

Our company in Sweden

Strukton is a long-established railway company in Sweden, specialising in maintenance and construction of rail infrastructure systems

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