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Accelerate research and innovation with EU-Rail

It is full of innovative energy that we are starting this brand new year, as a founding member of Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking (EU Rail). EU Rail is one of Europe’s initiatives to accelerate the transition to a green Europe. The Dutch rail sector is well represented: In addition to the combination Dutch Railways & ProRail, Strukton Rail also joined as a founding member. We started during the first Governing Board Meeting on December 21st, outlining the first steps for this year and the years to come.

Heart of innovation

With our founding membership, we will remain on board at the heart of innovation in the European rail sector and will continue the work we jointly undertook in Shift2Rail, the predecessor of EU Rail. We are committed to bring in our expertise and jointly contribute to the improvement of Europe’s rail. We will focus on further mechanization and robotization of rail maintenance and renewal, to improve the safety, health and efficiency of the work outside in the track. Key areas of interest for us are intelligent and integrated asset management and a sustainable green rail system.

The value of working together with major players in Europe is immense. Together, we develop innovative solutions for Europe-wide implementation.

Henk Samson

Attractive and sustainable rail system

EU Rail is part of the broader programme of Horizon Europe. Together with other founding members in Europe, we aim to improve the interoperability of Europe’s rail systems and networks with solutions including full integration by accelerating innovations and projects. Thus, we will accelerate the transition to a European rail system which is attractive, sustainable and efficient and will perfectly integrate with other sustainable transport systems. In so doing, we will contribute to the European Green Deal. We look forward to this great job!

Europe's Rail Joint Undertaking

The general aim of the partnership will be to ensure a fast transition to a more attractive, user-friendly, competitive, affordable, easy to maintain, efficient and sustainable European rail system, integrated into the wider mobility system.

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