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Weekend work in Delft and Rijswijk

The construction of the new Delft Campus station is progressing successfully. A large part of the work on the station will be completed in the weekend of 18 and 19 December. We are constructing the last part of the new platforms and will be removing the temporary platforms on the south side of the Kruithuis Viaduct.

The lifts and the solar panels of the iconic platform roof will be connected. As such, the first energy-neutral station in the Netherlands will be a fact. Furthermore, the rerouted pathway to the train will be eliminated in the morning of Monday, 20 December. You will then go to the train by using the station’s stairways or lifts.


“After a 2.5-year period of construction with very little inconvenience to passengers, we will be able to open up the first energy-neutral station in the Netherlands. A team achievement accomplished by all Strukton and other employees and involved parties, who have worked extremely hard on this. Through all kinds of weather and coping with a wide range of setbacks, it is fantastic to see that we succeeded in delivering what we had promised at the end of 2018. I am super proud of this.” Ben Steehouwer, Project Manager Strukton.

Work at other locations

In Rijswijk we continue working on expanding the tracks from two to four, on the north side of the new RijswijkBuiten underpass. In addition, we are installing the fourth and last bridge section over the Kerstanjewetering waterway. This bridge is being widened to be able to accommodate four tracks. It will also be raised to make it easier for recreational vessels to pass under the bridge.

At Delft station we will be removing the dividing wall which for years has blocked the view of the still to be constructed expansion of the station with the new tracks 3 and 4. We have been working for some time on the construction of the new platform. The ballast for the new tracks will already be applied over the weekend.

This news item is based on reporting by ProRail.