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Strukton Power to deliver high-voltage installation for Twence

Strukton Power was recently awarded a contract for a high-voltage installation for Twence. This installation provides for the power supply of a system that captures CO2 on a large scale.

Strukton’s project scope includes the delivery and realisation of a 10kV installation and three transformers. Strukton will also be responsible for the laying and installation of the cabling. The installation will be tested and commissioned at the end of 2022/at the beginning of 2023.

Twence© – from waste to resources and energy

Twence is the waste disposal company for 15 municipalities in the Twente region (Netherlands). Twence’s first waste treatment facilities were built in the nineties. Various lines were added in the past years, including a biomass plant. Twence targets its efforts on a circular economy and invests in a sustainable society together with its partners.

CO2 Capture project

The CO2 Capture project aims to capture carbon dioxide, which will be used as fertiliser for the horticulture or for the production of building materials like paving stones and building blocks. This prevents the carbon dioxide ending up in the atmosphere. With the project, Twence contributes to the targets laid down in the climate agreement. Twence has built up experience with capturing CO2 with a pilot system and will build a new large-scale system in 2022.

Why did Twence award the contract to Strukton?

The design of the new installation uses a 3D model, in which the system parts of other contractors can be incorporated as well. This allows all parties to check if any clashes may occur. It is also possible to do a Safety Walk using Virtual Reality, enabling employees to walk through the new plant using 3D glasses.

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