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Twan van den Berg, Technical Services (TS) Technician Railway Machinery and Locomotives

Twan van den Berg completed an internship at Strukton Rail as part of his Operational Technology education programme. He liked it so much that, after he earned his diploma in 2018, he became a permanent employee. As Technical Services (TS) technician he is now allowed to work on railway machinery and locomotives. Great work whereby his broad interest in technology comes in very handy.

A unique job

‘At the time I consciously chose Operational Technology, because it is such a versatile education. Electrical, mechanical and hydraulic engineering, you learn it all. This is in part due to the fact that this education programme originated from the nautical college education programme. On a ship you must be able to understand various engineering disciplines. This also applies to the world of railways and trains. As far as this is concerned, I really have a unique job. Every machine is different. I carry out maintenance and repairs, make adjustments where necessary and resolve failures on various kinds of railway equipment. I usually do this at our own high-tech workshop in Zutphen in the Netherlands. However, at times I may also need to be present on-site. For example along the tracks or at another workplace in the Netherlands or Europe. For example, I have worked in Germany, Denmark and Belgium. This makes my work tremendously captivating and varied.’

I have a unique job. Where else are you involved in so many different engineering disciplines and are you allowed to work on the beautiful machines that construct and maintain our tracks?

Twan van den Berg

Great group of colleagues

‘From the moment I arrived here as an intern, I immediately felt at home. It is a great group of colleagues. They immediately showed me all kinds of things and involved me in everything. I was part of the team from the very beginning. That gave me the confidence I needed to carry out my work properly. Of course, as intern initially under supervision, but completely independently since then. I have quite a bit of freedom to structure my day within the applicable guidelines. In addition, there is also room for making your own contribution. This is evident from the cooperative method of working. I am learning a great deal from my experienced colleagues and they are open to my fresh outlook and new insights. We are really working together to get everything done. Together we ensure that all machines are in top condition.’

Extensive career advancement and training opportunities

‘Another reason why I wanted to work at Strukton are the extensive training and career advancement opportunities. For example, I wanted to enhance my knowledge about hydraulic and pneumatic systems and equipment. In consultation with my manager I therefore enrolled in a course of specialisation. In addition, regularly there are internal and supplementary training courses that effectively keep you up to date as a TS technician. I also find it interesting to follow the latest trends and developments. For example in the area of sustainability and increasingly smarter technologies. Ultimately, I think it would be nice to advance in the direction of engineering, but before things reach that stage, I would first like to develop myself further as technician.’

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