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E-POSS for SF6 gas monitoring at TenneT stations

TenneT recently awarded Strukton Systems the contract for a pilot with E-POSS monitoring and WIKA SF6 sensors at the power stations in the Dutch cities of Alphen and Raalte. The aim of the pilot is to gain experience with capturing data using E-POSS monitoring.

The WIKA sensors measure the SF6 gas pressure, and the temperature, density and dew point.

In recent years, TenneT investigated the causes of error indications. One of the causes was alleged SF6 leakage at power switches. Sunlight caused pressure fluctuations, which led to unjust failure reports. By measuring a variety of parameters, TenneT will get better insight into the actual status of the power switches.

Plan preventive maintenance

The data is first stored at the station as a Comtrade file, and will then be transferred to a central asset management database in the form of a data lake. TenneT will use the pilot to gain experience with capturing and interpreting maintenance data. They wish to use the data to plan preventive maintenance rather than having to go to the station for each failure. This will lead to a more reliable net and lower maintenance costs in the end.

Insight into maintenance need

Strukton already uses the E-POSS monitoring system for several applications at the TenneT stations in Rijssen, Alphen, Raalte and Terwinselen. The system is used for monitoring the motor currents of separators and earthing switches and the currents of coils of power switches. E-POSS is particularly suitable for capturing huge amounts of data. Using smart algorithms, various kinds of failures can be distinguished, leading to better insight into the maintenance need.

Reduce maintenance and malfunctions

POSS is an easily deployable tool for monitoring assets. It translates condition data into valuable information using smart algorithms.

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