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Festive opening of RijswijkBuiten railway underpass

RijswijkBuiten, a district in the town of Rijswijk in the Netherlands, today is far safer due to the new railway underpass officially opened on 27 September by ProRail and the municipality of Rijswijk. Tjark de Vries, Managing Director Strukton Rail, was present during the official opening.

After a word of welcome, the involved parties were given the floor. The event’s chairman put a question, from various perspectives, about the underpass to each representative of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the municipality of Rijswijk, ProRail and Strukton. This was followed by toasting the opening and the underpass was opened by unveiling a photo from the photo exhibition prepared for the occasion of the opening.

Everyone then proceeded to go outside. 

Photo Exhibition

The photo exhibition guides passer-by along the special photos that depict the history of the railway along the ‘t Haantje neighbourhood, as well as the history of this Rijswijk neighbourhood itself and the newly developed RijswijkBuiten district. The images depict the development of the area and the construction of the new underpass. The exhibition is open for viewing up to and including 24 October 2021.

The railway underpass was already opened to traffic, cyclists and pedestrians on 30 July 2021. The new underpass replaces the old ’t Haantje level crossing that was closed earlier this year.

Increased number of trains between The Hague and Rotterdam

The construction of the RijswijkBuiten railway underpass was started in November 2019 and forms part of the High-Frequency Rail Transport Rijswijk – Rotterdam Programme. Up until the end of 2024, Strukton is working together with ProRail on doubling the tracks in Rijswijk and on a new railway bridge across the Kerstanjewetering waterway.