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Start of Mobility week Utrecht

With a special pitstop for bikes, the Province of Utrecht, the Dutch Cycling Federation and employers at the Lage Weide industrial area opened the first Mobility week Utrecht on September 15th. The mobility week is an initiative of the Province of Utrecht to promote healthy ways of mobility, like the bike. Deputy Arne Schaddelee opened the bike pitstop together with Esther van Garderen, managing director of the Dutch Cycling Federation, and Karin van Looij, manager at Strukton on behalf of the employers at the Lage Weide industrial area.

The special pitstop is an initiative of the Dutch Cycling Federation and is open today during the national ‘Cycle to work’ campaign. The employers at Lage Weide wish to stimulate their employees to take the bike more often to commute to work.

Deputy Arne Schaddelee: “We hope to make more people enthusiastic for more healthy ways of mobility, like cycling and walking. The Province of Utrecht offers a lot on that behalf, like the network of express cycle lanes which are unique in the world. But there is more to be arranged! We have paid lots of attention to new roads in the past decades, but often forgot cycle lanes. We need to catch up. An initiative like the one at this industrial area, where employers have the courage to tempt 20% of their employees out of the car and take the bike, deserves praise and hopefully inspires other employers to do the same.

Esther van Garderen: “Cycling is extremely important for the accessibility of an industrial area like Lage Weide. That is why cyclists deserve something extra. The bike pitstop will hopefully encourage cyclists to continue with their healthy and environment-friendly choice.”

Karin van Looij: “The bike is a sometimes underrated part of the way from home to work. Not only for employees living within cycling distance from work, but also for those who need to cover the gap between home and public transport or between public transport and work. The combination of public transport and the bike is a perfect solution for congestion problems, good for the environment and healthy for employees.” 

Strukton and sustainable mobility

Twenty e-bikes especially for Strukton colleagues at Utrecht Central Station, e-bikes at several Strukton locations, a Strukton van at Maarssen railway station, mobility cards, an increasing number of electric cars. With lots of measures and actions for sustainable mobility and other sustainability initiatives, we have managed to reduce our carbon footprint by 47% since 2009. Our ambition is 55% reduction in 2030.

Creating a future-proof tomorrow

With our partners, we contribute to safety, quality and sustainability of rail transport, road infrastructure and technical systems and buildings.

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