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Major renewal rail infrastructure Schipholtunnel

ProRail and the consortium SVS (StruktonVolkerSchiphol) are going to renew the rail infrastructure in the Schiphol tunnels. They will make the tunnels ready for the next 40 years, together with the subcontractors and in close cooperation with stakeholders Schiphol Airport and Dutch Railways. ProRail and SVS signed the contract on June 8th. The project will last till 2028.

The main part of the rail construction will be renovated: tracks and switches will be renewed, a conductor rail construction will be created for the catenary and the boarding height of the platforms will be made brought in line with the European standard. The project will last till 2028.

Working in the Schiphol tunnels involves working on a crucial mobility hub in the Netherlands. A hub where various transport modes come together and a hub that should be future-proof. Collaboration is a central element in this project, given the variety of stakeholders. ProRail has therefore decided for a partnership in which the principal and contractor work together on the design. ProRail and SVS will together define the scope and approach, within the task-setting budget and in close cooperation with the stakeholders.


The consortium SVS consists of Strukton Rail and VolkerRail. Both railway companies have a 50% interest in the consortium. Subcontractors include De Wilde, Aveco de Bondt, Strukton Milieutechniek, Antea Group and Nexus Rail.

(photo made by Stefan Verkerk)