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Integrated approach to Amsterdam Sloterdijk to increase number of intercity trains

We received good news on Good Friday because this is when ProRail announced that Strukton had been granted provisional award of the Amsterdam Sloterdijk project (part of the Amsterdam-Eindhoven High-Frequency Rail Transport Programme (PHS)). Final award was granted a week ago and this is also when the project officially started. Over the next 18 months, we will be making changes at and around Amsterdam Sloterdijk station making it possible to accommodate six intercity trains per hour on this route. The project is slated to be completed on 30 December 2022.

The work includes the following main activities:

  • Lengthening the platform on the Amsterdam side by 60 metres. 
  • Shortening the platform on the Haarlem side by 60 metres. 
  • Overhauling the track section’s signalling system and implementing a rail yard signalling system. 
  • Implementing a management and control system by installing four switches.
  • Designing, delivering and implementing a relay house. 
  • Designing, delivering and installing a new interlocking system (e-IXL) and other systems such as telecom and power supply systems.Bringing platforms 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 up to standard, including tile-work, concrete repairs and renovating the ceiling plates and the tiled pavement. 

The deadline is extremely important

ProRail absolutely wants to avoid having to complete all of the work in the last train-free period. The reason for this is the major renovation of Amsterdam Central Station, which is closely aligned with this and must and cannot incur any delays. To be certain that the work will be ready on time, a robust and flexible schedule has been developed. 

Contract award criteria

In addition to price, the risk management plan also was a key award criterion. In addition to a detailed, managed schedule, the risk management plan was also required to identify other risk factors involved in the work and how to manage these risks. By scoring three times 8 on this plan, Strukton emerged as the top contender.


The work will be completed during the following construction periods:
Week 40 – 52 hours
Week 44 – 48 hours
Week 02 – 52 hours
Week 16 – 52 hours
Week 42 – 128 hours

Strukton companies to combine strengths

It is an integrated project involving all Strukton Rail Nederland business units, as well as Molhoek-CCT and Strukton Infratechnieken. The parties together sought out the best possible implementation method. We are convinced we have found this. All disciplines are much needed to ensure that the work can be completed successfully within the prescribed construction periods.