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Strukton Systems extends Infranea partnership

Following a fruitful four months, the partnership with Infranea, expert in the field of BIM coordination and BIM management, was recently extended. Infranea will assist Strukton to at least the end of May in operationalising the BIM models for the Proof of Concept substations at Alphen aan de Rijn (GIS), Rijssen and Raalte (AIS) in the Netherlands.

Now that the partnership has been extended, there will be an increasing focus on collaborating at a strategic and tactical level with the customer, TenneT. The digitalisation agenda will also be a structural focus of attention.


‘It’s as if we are on a moving train together with the Proof of Concept projects. While we are underway, we identify any improvement processes to be implemented,’ says Martin Lodder, BIM Director at Infranea.

With Infranea as the partner for the Proof of Concept substations, Strukton is learning a great deal about operationalising BIM models. This knowledge can be incorporated into the TenneT EU-303 framework agreement. As soon as the EU-303 agreement starts up, Strukton will assume full responsibility for coordinating the process. Infranea may then still continue on in an advisory role.

EU-303 Framework Agreement

Strukton Systems has been selected as one of the nine parties who for at least the next 5 years will be working together with TenneT on expanding and renovating 140 high voltage substations. The framework agreement was signed on Thursday, 7 January. 

Strukton will be implementing the projects integrally, from design to realisation. In addition, the framework agreement provides maximum flexibility in terms of process digitalisation, cooperation, safety, sustainability and integrating innovation. The biggest joint challenge is to improve and especially accelerate TenneT’s EU-303 programme.

A new standard for high voltage substations

More than 145 substations will be replaced over a period of 10 years.

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