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Technical bridge systems renovated

Over a period of three months, Strukton Systems specialists completely renovated the bridge’s electrical and hydraulic systems. After 25 years, these systems had become obsolete and had to be replaced to prevent disruptions in the future.

You can’t see anything on the outside. The Prinslandsebrug – a bridge across the Dintel River in the Province of Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands – looks exactly the same as it did before. And it still opens up for passing ships. What you don’t see are the underlying technical systems, which were completely renewed. The bridge’s hydraulic drive, control systems, gate systems, road and shipping traffic signals, underpass lights and audio/video – everything was replaced and adjusted to comply with current requirements and the state of the art technology. Furthermore, a new control system was implemented to allow the bridge to be operated remotely from the Sasdijk lock. In the past, the bridge was operated from the central control station at the Roode Vaart canal.

It took approximately eight months to complete the job, from design to handover in December 2020. During the work, a single lane was always available for road traffic. This way traffic from both directions was able to alternately drive past the work with the help of traffic controllers, and inconvenience to the local community was kept to a minimum.