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Strukton provides interactive training substation automation

TenneT has decided to use substation automation based on IEC 61850 for the protection and control of their Proof of Concept substations. The concept behind this is to remotely monitor and control these substations with the purpose to minimize the presence of its employees on site. This reduces travel time and cost and is ultimately also much safer. With the implementation of this new automation concept it is important that the TenneT employees involved also learn to work with it.

Tailor made

A training program has been put together in close consultation with TenneT with the purpose to familiarize TenneT employees with the new system. The theory part of the training took place on 29 and 30 October and from 23 to 27 November there will be a hands-on training at the Strukton test centre in Oldenzaal for the employees who are directly involved in the replacement of the Rijssen substation. Due to the corona measures the training was organized via Microsoft Teams. There were approximately 20 participants from TenneT; on behalf of Strukton there were several trainers for the various subjects. 

Interactive session

The kick-off of the training was provided by Ed van Moolenbroek, manager TenneT Bay Replacement. After this, various topics were discussed, where participants could ask questions via the chat function. Most questions were answered directly online by the Strukton team, resulting in a lively discussion. Each work session was interrupted after about 50 minutes, so that everyone had the opportunity for a short break. During the preparation, participants were given the opportunity to submit questions. A number of questions were procedural or organizational in nature, reason to invite the Lead Engineer of the TenneT project team to answer these questions. The training was well-received: in the evaluation the training was rated with an 8 or higher.



Strukton is now preparing for the practical training, which is scheduled for the end of November. Due to the corona measures, this training is organized for two groups of four people. A follow-up training is planned for a larger group in February, with about 60 participants expected for the theory part and about 20 participants for the practical part. The Strukton project team is currently busy preparing and carrying out the integration tests, the installation of the Mobile GIS Units on site and the cabling for the temporary situation on the Rijssen substation.

Replacement of 150 substations

As a European grid operator, TenneT faces enormous replacement demand. Most substations date back to the 1960s and 1970s, which has caused aging of the high voltage components. To keep up with this replacement demand, TenneT has opted for an innovative concept: modular skids, designs based on 3D BIM and substation automation based on a vendor independent IEC 61850. The idea behind this is that TenneT wants to innovate together with the market, in order to shorten the conversion speed. To test these innovative techniques, TenneT has put six Proof Of Concept stations on the market, of which Strukton has to replace four. The first station to be replaced is 110kV station Rijssen. In time, this will involve the replacement of approximately 150 stations, whereby TenneT wants to make use of these innovative concepts.


Replacement of 150 substations

A new standard for high voltage substations. More than 145 substations will be replaced over a period of 10 years

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