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A welcome guest: Strukton Wire Scan in Stockholm

Last month, in cooperation with our Swedish colleagues, we carried out two weeks of measurements on the overhead lines of three light rail networks in and around Stockholm. The measurements were carried out with the help of the innovative Strukton Wire Scan that had already proven its added value in relation to preventive rail maintenance.

As an example in our own performance based contracts in the Netherlands.

Excellent preparation…

We knew at forehand that three separate railcars would be needed to carry out the measurements due to the presence of narrow-gauge tracks (891 mm instead of the conventional 1435 mm) at one of the networks. Another line was a city line and use of the same railcar on this line is prohibited.

In addition to carrying out the measurements, a lot of conversion work was required to fit up the different railcars. This went very smoothly in cooperation with our Swedish colleague, so that the measurements were carried out on time.

Two weeks of measurements

Over a period of two weeks, a total of approximately 150 kilometres of overhead lines, divided across three different lines/city networks, were measured. Reports for the 3 measured networks (Roslagsbanan, Lidingöbanan and Spårväg City) were generated on the basis of the measurements. Different parameters were measured: thickness, shift, level and hard points. No alarming thin points were found, although several overhead line sections were found to be in need of repair over the short term. Strukton Sweden will perform these repairs independently, since we are responsible for maintaining these lines.

The measurement results are currently being worked out and analysed in further detail. The results will be presented to the customer, Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL). The results will serve as input for the development of renovation plans and trend analyses.

Opportunities in Sweden and beyond

Due to the Strukton Wire Scan’s flexibility, it can be used anywhere there are overhead lines. This includes lines where Strukton is not responsible for the maintenance. This means there is significant market potential. Aside from the flexibility of use, the measuring systems produces high-quality results.
The goal is to deploy the Strukton Wire Scan in as many countries as possible. Almost any railcar can be equipped with this measuring system, if needed with some minor adjustments. The Strukton Wire Scan will be used again over the coming period for PDM contracts.

Corona impact

The original measurements were planned for September. At that point an orange travel advisory was in effect and the work was deferred to the middle of October. At the end of August, the travel advisory was downgraded to yellow as a result of which there was sufficient time to make the necessary preparations. The travel advisory has since reverted back to orange.

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