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Autumn holidays: large-scale work Groningen-Winschoten

Strukton, under contract to ProRail, will work day and night during the autumn holidays (10 – 19 October) on making adjustments to the tracks and stations along the Groningen-Winschoten route. The goal: extra trains during peak hours by the end of this year, so that passengers will arrive at their destinations faster.

In addition to local trains, inter-city trains will also be driving between Groningen and Winschoten during peak hours, effective from December 2020. This means that travel options will increase from two to four times per hour during peak hours. With the extra trains, travel between these two cities will also be faster and there will be more passenger seats. This creates an even better connection between region and city.
In total, there will be five additional trains during the morning peak and eight additional trains during the afternoon peak. This will save passengers travelling from Groningen to Winschoten nine minutes travelling time.

The preparatory work along the line was already started back in June. In the meantime, the old tracks near the Zuidbroek station, which were no longer in use, have been removed.

Safer level crossings

When there are more trains, the level crossings must also become safer. Additional safety measures will be implemented at four level crossings, such as gates. Three not actively secured level crossings will be eliminated.

Combination of activities

To make the most efficient use of this period without trains, various activities will be combined. The tracks and level crossings will be renovated at various places between Winschoten and Bad-Nieuweschans. In addition, other (regular) maintenance activities will take place along the entire route. Multiple contractors are involved in this work.

This news item is based on reporting by ProRail.