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Ground-breaking tamper officially launched

We all know the traditional tamping machines, which are frequent guests on the tracks. Tamping machines capable of gathering high-quality data from the track and converting it into predictive information were nowhere to be seen up until now. We have developed an intelligent tamper together with System 7 that can learn to work by itself. With the investment in the Universal Tamper 4.0 we have next level tamping technology in-house. A new step towards a data-driven future.

Ground-breaking Tamping Machine

The Universal Tamper 4.0 is ground-breaking in several respects. Not only is the machine capable of learning to automatically tamp points on the basis of big data, the machine also requires fewer people to operate. Other advantages: there is a 7 dB noise reduction in operating mode and the machine is environmentally friendly because it has a 4-stage motor. Furthermore the machine is flexible. It is a universal machine that is able to tamp straight track and switches.


The machine records the position of the tracks ánd provides information about the density of the ballast below the sleepers. It contains special sensors that measure the force applied by the tamping mechanisms to compress the ballast.


“The machine provides us with lots of data about the job done. What is even more spectacular, is that it can tell us something about the quality of the track” Ed Schaufeli, Manager of Strukton Rail Equipment’s Technical Department


Route Mapping

The data collected by the Universal Tamper 4.0 enables railway operators to much better plan maintenance. This was not possible up until today.

Cooperation with System7

The Universal Tamper 4.0 is a new type of tamping machine with next-step tamping technology. Strukton Rail worked closely together with System7, the supplier, to develop the machine. The innovations incorporated into the machine were developed in coproduction by System7 and Strukton. System7 now applies many of them to new machines as standard features. We may call ourselves a technological and innovative frontrunner and partner of System7. 

In addition to the innovative actions the machine is capable of performing, the machine’s design is striking as well. Interested? Watch the video!


Universal Tamper 4.0