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Renovation of Amsterdam metro railway bridge

Under contract to the Municipal Transport Authority (GVB), Strukton Rail will be renovating the Amstelveenseweg crossover complex and the track structures on the metro railway bridge across the Schinkel River in Amsterdam in July 2020. The project was awarded on the basis of the best price-quality ratio.

The moveable metro railway bridge is located along two railway bridges and is surrounded by the A10 motorway’s two directions of traffic. In total, five bridges are located alongside each other here. All bridges contain moving bridge ramps that make it possible for the bridges to be opened to shipping traffic.

Complex Bridge

The metro railway bridge is the only moveable bridge in a metro line in the Netherlands. After the work is completed, the Schinkel Bridge must be rebalanced. The metro railway bridge is similar to ProRail’s bridges. They are complex in terms of their combined structure, operation and safety. Strukton has a great deal of experience working on bridges of this complexity. During the renovation, colleagues from the Track, Cabling, Signalling, Points Heating and Civil Works departments will be working on the project as an integrated unit. Given our professional knowledge, we are able to complete the work within the specified timeframe.

Logistics Challenge

The renovation is not only technically challenging, but the work also involves a logistics challenge. The construction site is located between the two directions of traffic of the A10 motorway and alongside two other railway bridges. A temporary building site will be created for the supply and removal of materials and equipment. This site will be accessible through means of a temporary exit lane on the left side of the traffic lane and can only be used at night. During work planning, all logistics aspects must be clearly identified, so that during the day all the required materials and equipment needed to carry out the work are available.

Contract Award

Strukton Rail has developed an action plan in cooperation with MW Project Management & Consulting. The plan extensively deals with the planning and organisational aspects, and provides for a well-thought-out logistics plan.

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