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Network Rail and Strukton Rail sign MoU

Network Rail and Strukton Rail are going to cooperate on and develop asset management, intelligent infrastructure and advanced data analytics. They signed a Memorandum of Understanding to that effect during a visit to Strukton Rail’s headquarters in Utrecht.

Strukton and Network Rail both have strong ambitions to improve the availability and sustainability of the railway infrastructure that they maintain. In exploratory meetings Strukton and Network Rail determined that a joint approach to the development and deployment of agreed capabilities is preferable for both parties and will help the rail sector move forward. Both parties have agreed that a coordinated effort is needed for rail research and development activity, including the execution of demonstrators on track, in order to push the innovation level of the railway industry forward.

“We can now explore and start up new collaborative activities,”

says Erland Tegelberg, managing consultant.

Based on preparatory work done by Tim Flower and Mark Gaddes from Network Rail, and Erland Tegelberg from Strukton Rail, the MoU was signed by Jon Shaw, Chief Engineer of Network Rail and Jacob Zeeman, CEO of Strukton Rail. Also pictured: regional maintenance directors Lindsay Saddler and Ian Puckrin.