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Railway sector starts up Rijswijk-Rotterdam mega-project

After many years of preparation, ProRail and contractors Strukton and Volker Tunnel Delft have started working on converting the Rijswijk-Delft Zuid train route into a four-track section. On Wednesday 27 November, the railway sector and the financing entities took a moment to reflect at the start of this enormous railway project.

Representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works and Water Management, the Province of Zuid-Holland, the Rotterdam The Hague Metropolitan region, the municipality of Rijswijk, the municipality of Delft, ProRail and the involved contractors all put their initials on a foundation pile that with a special low-noise machine was turned into the ground, after the attending public jointly counted down the time to this moment. The event took place on the construction site of the new RijswijkBuiten railway underpass.

Double track capacity

The project is of major importance for the future of train traffic in the Randstad conurbation. One of the project’s initiatives is to double track capacity between Rijswijk and Delft Zuid. This is not required between Delft Zuid and Rotterdam. By making adjustments to the safety system and the railway tracks it is possible to realise a high-speed and high-quality connection on this section without laying any additional track.

Programme component

The project is part of the High-Frequency Rail Transport Programme (PHS) and falls under the responsibility of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works and Water Management. The project is financed by the ministry, with contributions from the Rotterdam – The Hague metropolitan region and the municipalities of Rijswijk and Delft.

This news item is based on the news item of ProRail