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Innovative design awarded replacement of 150 kV station

Strukton Systems was granted provisional contract award by TenneT for the TenneT GIS Bay Station replacement project. This is a Design & Construct project for the replacement of the 150 kV station in Alphen aan de Rijn.

With this assignment, Strukton is positioning itself for the tender of 140 substations that require replacement in the context of the new TenneT EU-303 framework agreement. The station is to be completed by the end of 2020. 

Strukton settled on a plug & play concept. This means that all of the installation’s components will be supplied prefab for onsite assembly as much as possible. The concept has a remarkably short duration. The integrated approach, based on the knowledge and experience of Strukton Systems, Strukton Civiel and the Antea Group, is making this possible. 


Innovative Design

A sustainable wood structure combined with a futuristic design makes this winning design unique. The design was produced on the basis of a 4D BIM approach, which means that the planning functions as the fourth dimension in addition to the 3D drawings. Over the long term, specific management and maintenance information will also be added. 

The contract for this assignment is expected to be signed in the next few weeks.


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