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Strukton Systems signs four-year contract

On 15 May Strukton Systems was awarded for the maintenance of the high voltage installations of waste processing company Twence in Hengelo.

This is a four-year framework contract. Viewed from a practical perspective, it is the continuation of Strukton Systems’ current work: the company has been working here since 2015.

At the time it was customary to award the maintenance of the installations on a one-on-one basis, but this is no longer permitted. Today, the work must be awarded on the basis of a European tender. Eight parties submitted a bid, with three left over. Strukton was awarded the contract on the basis of quality, knowledge, expertise, price and flexibility. The fact that Strukton is certified at Step 4 of the safety ladder also weighed heavily in Twence’s decision.

From 10 kV to 110 kV

The high voltage installations are the link between the public electricity grid and Twence’s incineration plants. Twence extracts energy from waste by incinerating it. The walls of the incineration ovens contain a network of pipes filled with water. The heat transforms the water into steam, which drives a turbine. The turbine in turn is connected to a generator that produces electricity. In Twence’s high voltage installation, this electricity is converted from 10 kV to 110 KV, so it can subsequently be transported to TenneT’s public grid for use by households in the region. Twence also sells the residual heat and steam, for example for district heating or for industrial use.

Always Accessible

Strukton Systems is responsible for the annual maintenance of the installation. For example, last year the 10 kV protective relays were replaced to prevent any disruptions. The installation is subject to a major overhaul every five years. In addition, Strukton Systems is responsible for repairing any installation malfunctions. Someone at Strukton is available for Twence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When there is a malfunction, Strukton employees are on site within 30 minutes to repair it.


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