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Logistics mega-job completed in the Province of Limburg

Shifts continuously working 24/7 renovated 7.5 kilometres of track along the Sittard Maastricht route in the south of Limburg over a period of 9 days. A great deal of work to be performed over a short period of time created a logistics challenge.

The track went back into service on schedule on Monday morning, enabling travellers to take the train again along this route.

Major Undertaking

During this 9-day job, large equipment and personnel were brought in from within the Netherlands and from abroad to be able to complete the job on time. All of this with the objective of allowing travellers to make use again of this railway route on Monday morning. Renovating track on a timely basis provides for a safe and reliable railway.

Logistical Challenge

In total, 12,500 sleepers were renewed and 25,000 metric tonnes of ballast were supplied and removed. To keep the logistics on track, the project was preceded by meticulous planning before the track was put out of service. Furthermore, during construction, railway workers had to be constantly alert to monitor the work. This way, adjustments could be made when and where necessary.