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Unique visit to De Vork railway yard on 15 June

Construction site, so….. entrance prohibited. But not on 15 June, when the future railway yard De Vork in Haren will be open to public.

Visitors will have a unique opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of a construction site on Saturday 15 June. Lots of constructors are opening their site during the annual ‘Dag van de Bouw , including the Groningen Spoorzone project. Strukton Rail, the contractor working at the railway yard, and its partners, future users and principal ProRail will provide an interesting programme showing the dynamic world of railway construction and maintenance. An additional open day on Friday 14 June will enable students and technical specialists to visit the site. 

From track machine to Virtual Reality
Visitors will be able to see the railway yard under construction. We will show all kinds of railway infrastructure construction and maintenance equipment and you can see (thermite) welding demos. In addition, we will demonstrate new technologies in railway construction and maintenance and you will be able to experience throughVirtual Reality what the site will look like when completed. 

How to design a track? How to predict maintenance? Ecology, what about that? How to maintain a train? Which new trains will run on the regional lines? What is going to happen in the Groningen Spoorzone project? These are all questions that Strukton, Arcadis, Antea Group, Molhoek CCT, Arriva Nederland, Flux Partners and ProRail employees will be happy to answer at a unique location. 

Access to railway yard
Visitors will be welcome between 10:00 and 16:00 on Saturday 15 June. We will also open the site between 10:00 and 16:00 on Friday 14 June for students and technical professionals especially.

You will find the entrance to the Strukton site at the Rouaanstraat 39 in Groningen, where parking lots will be available.

We will make the site as easily and safely accessible as possible for these two days, but it still is a construction site. We therefore advise visitors to wear sturdy shoes. The site is less suitable for people who have difficulties with walking or wheelchair users.

Groningen Spoorzone project

The construction of De Vork railway yard is part of the Groningen Spoorzone project, that will improve regional accessibility of Groningen by adjusting tracks and stations. Train and bus passengers, cyclists and passengers will reach their destination more comfortably, quickly and easier.

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