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Construction Day: A look behind the scenes at 3 locations

During Construction Day on Saturday 15 June, we opened up our construction sites to interested parties at no less than three locations in the Netherlands.

Quite special really, because normally speaking, people are not permitted to enter these sites. Young and old visited a construction site in Zeewolde, Venlo or Groningen. All in all a very successful day.

Construction of Havenkwartier De Blauwe Diamant in Zeewolde

A Strukton Civiel project carried out under contract to the municipality of Zeewolde. In this project work is underway on the construction of a navigation channel with a lock complex, consisting of a navigation lock and a guard lock, designed to provide access to the Havenkwartier De Blauwe Diamant residential district. The primary and regional flood defences, and the road infrastructure are also included in this project. All in all a project in which cooperation is the key word. Approximately 1,000 interested parties visited this project.

Renovation of Labour Board in Venlo
A Strukton Worksphere project carried out under contract to Campus Vastgoed. Here, 150 visitors had an opportunity to see how an old classical building is being converted into a teaching location, including 28 student residences, for Maastricht University.

Groningen Spoorzone [Railway Zone]
A Strukton Rail project in which work is carried out on various sub-projects, such as the construction of the new De Vork trainyard, under contract to ProRail. On Friday 14 June, the site was opened in advance to technical engineers and students and, on Construction Day it was also opened up to interested parties. A versatile programme that gave visitors a look behind the scenes in the versatile world of railway construction and maintenance. From railway machinery to virtual reality, everything imaginable was displayed. In total, approximately 500 visitors were welcomed here.

A special thanks to all parties who worked with us to make this Construction Day possible. Onwards to next year!