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Visit railway works in Groningen on 15 June

Interested in checking out railway works from close up? Come visit us in Groningen on 15 June!

Railway construction is extremely interesting. It is a combined feat of craftsmanship, technology, innovation and collaboration. Much of the work is carried out during the night and on weekends when there are no or only few trains. If the work were to take place during the day, it would often be at a location that is not accessible to unauthorised personnel. After all, things must always remain safe. As a result, this awesome work is almost never visible. We are going to make an exception to this on Saturday, 15 June! During Construction Day, Strukton Rail will open the construction gates to the future ‘De Vork’ trainyard in Haren to the public. A unique opportunity to take a close look at a railway construction site.
As part of the Groningen Spoorzone (Railway Zone) project, Strukton Rail, under contract to ProRail, will be installing a fourth track between Groningen station and Groningen Europapark station. A fourth track is required between the two stations to be able to have trains run on a new schedule. Strukton Rail will also be expanding the Groningen Europapark station with an additional track and side platform. In the future, trains from Leeuwarden, Delfzijl and Roodeschool will continue on to Groningen Europapark station. Strukton Rail will be building additional tracks and platforms at Groningen station so that after the renovation of the station the regional trains can continue on. This will enable passengers from Veendam to stay on the train to Delfzijl or to get on the train in Roodeschool and only get out again at Nieuweschans station.


De Vork Trainyard
Last but not least, Strukton Rail will be constructing the new ‘De Vork’ trainyard. Due to all of the interventions at Groningen station, there will be little room for the current trainyard. Furthermore, there will be more trains running to and from Groningen, which requires more space. This is why the current trainyard will be relocated to De Vork.

Construction Day in Groningen
The ‘De Vork’ trainyard under construction will be accessible to interested parties between 10:00 and 16:00 hours. By special arrangement, visitors will be able to enter the construction site on this day. We will create a safe route across the construction site, although the terrain will still have a sandy surface. This is why we recommend visitors wear sturdy and closed shoes. All participating partners will show off their specialisms, innovations and equipment. Arcadis, Antea Group, Flux Partners, Groningen Spoorzone, Arriva and Strukton Rail will in any event participate.

Mark your calendars now
15 June, at ‘De Vork’ (Rouaanstraat 39 Groningen) from 10:00 hours: Groningen Spoorzone Construction Day.