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Rail Zwolle available again

Last week, Strukton Rail worked on the overhead line and rail in Zwolle on behalf of ProRail.

This morning, the track was back in service. A successful end to nine cold working days and nights.

Strukton Rail lowered the overhead line structure over five adjacent tracks by one and a half metres to make room for the bus bridge at Zwolle station. 28 new foundations were laid for overhead line portals and twelve new sleepers were installed. With the GEMMA overhead line renewal train, Strukton also renewed several hundreds of metres of overhead line. The GEMMA removes and renews the overhead line in one efficient process.

In addition to the overhead line work, Strukton also worked on a new piece of track and on the signals.

The freezing cold weather had a considerable impact on the work. Colleagues received great appreciation for their efforts from various sides.