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Rail improvement Didam – Zevenaar starts

Contractor Strukton Rail plans to double the rail between Didam and Zevenaar over a length of 4.5 km.

A huge job that is due to be completed by the end of 2019 and which is being financed by the province of Gelderland and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Thanks to the track doubling, trains will be able to pass each other unhindered and the increasing travel speed will allow more time for trains to turn in Arnhem. That will provide a reliable service for the 21,000 passengers who use this route every day.

To symbolise the start, representatives from ProRail, the province of Gelderland, municipality of Zevenaar, Montferland and Strukton Rail will jointly place a second cross on an Andreas cross (this is a traffic sign marking crossings). A double cross indicates that you are approaching a rail crossing with two or more rails. 

Wait till the red light has stopped flashing
They will also be placing a sign with the text “WAIT until the red light has stopped flashing. Another train may be approaching.” 

“The railway line in Zevenaar and Didam is expanding from 1 to 2 rails, so residents will have to be extra aware when crossing. Because a train might be approaching from the other direction. For that reason, ProRail will be giving extra information and we will be providing local schools with teaching packages.”
said ProRail regional director Dorothé Wennekendonk.

Babberichseweg underpass
Due to the track doubling, Babberichseweg crossing will be replaced by an underpass for cyclists and pedestrians. ProRail is delighted because an underpass is the safest way for road and train traffic to pass each other. There are no risks of accidents nor can any fault on the crossing occur.

Partnership Strukton Rail and Strukton Civiel
Strukton Rail and Strukton Civiel obtained the work together and are implementing the rail expansion. Around 70 percent of the work is rail-related, the other 30 percent are civil engineering works. The rail work obviously involves the track itself: four kilometres of track doubling between Zevenaar and Didam and some four kilometres of track overhaul between Didam and Wehl. Strukton Rail has extensive experience with rail expansion and track overhaul for ProRail involving significant out of service periods. The expertise of Strukton Civiel complements this very well. The civil engineering component includes a cycle tunnel at Zevenaar and multiple culverts and overpasses.