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Tropical performance at the Gouda yard

Today, at 04.31, all the rails and switches at the Gouda yard were back in unlimited operation.

On behalf of ProRail, in the space of a week, nineteen switches and two kilometres of rails were renewed.

With the completion of this work, 75% of the railway network around Gouda has been renewed. This ensures that the routes from Utrecht via Gouda to Rotterdam and The Hague are reliable, safe and passable for travellers.

Tropical temperatures
Dry, scorching and dusty. These were the conditions in which our skilled personnel, in partnership with ProRail, completed the works. Last week, temperatures rose to a massive 30 degrees.

Reinforcements from Italy
For this special job, the ‘tracklayer’ of our Italian colleagues (CLF) was brought to the Netherlands. The advantage of the tracklayer is that you can lay a switch (up to 1:15) in one go, so that you can do the thermite welding and cable work beforehand. This is good to limit the capacity at the weekend. The tracklayer can also handle big weights, so that even 1:29 switches can be laid (in sections). The tracklayer has now been used twice in the Netherlands and in week 44 it will be used again in Nunspeet. Our international cooperation thus becomes increasingly visible.