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Safety rail yard Kijfhoek

On 15 June, a collision took place at the Kijfhoek yard between a Strukton Rail lorry and a freight carriage.

The basis for the accident was a deviation from the agreed and established procedures by both Strukton Rail and ProRail.

Several incidents have taken place recently at Kijfhoek, in which Strukton was involved to a limited extent. In view of these incidents, the Living Environment and Transport Inspectorate (IL&T) suspended work at Kijfhoek on 19 July for an indefinite period. Only essential fault maintenance and inspections may be performed.
We will not and cannot accept deviant behaviour involving a failure to comply with safety instructions or agreed work processes. We therefore continuously work on improving our safety awareness. Sometimes we need to do that by learning from a deviation or incident.

We are also using the measure taken by the inspectorate at Kijfhoek to further improve the safety culture. We have informed our employees and we are tightening our procedures. For that purpose, consultations with ProRail and IL&T have been started. Until we and particularly IL&T are convinced that we can guarantee a safe workplace for all our employees, standard work at Kijfhoek is suspended.