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Four years working on project Groningen Spoorzone

Improving access to Groningen and thus the rest of the northern Netherlands. That’s what Strukton will be contributing to on behalf of ProRail with the project Groningen Spoorzone.

 That’s what Strukton will be contributing to on behalf of ProRail with the project Groningen Spoorzone. 

The preparatory work will start at the end of this year and the implementation work around the rail contract will start next year. An integrated project in which nine disciplines at Strukton work together for attractive rail transport.

The project Groningen Spoorzone is divided into three contracts:

Ground contract | Site preparation holding yard Vork and creation of an archaeological park
For this, the site in the Vork in Haren was prepared. This contract will be completed this year.

Rail contract | All rail modifications within the project area
This is the contract that Strukton has been awarded and includes: 

• Laying the rails on the new holding yard at the Vork in Haren
• The construction of an extra rail between Groningen station and Groningen Europapark
• The construction of an extra platform at Groningen Europapark
• Connecting the rails at Groningen station

Station contract | For the civil engineering modifications at Groningen station
Within this contract, the construction of a pedestrian passage, the bus tunnel with bus station, the cycle tunnel and the cycle park will be completed.

Integrated work
Various Strukton companies are joining forces for this mega project. As such, the disciplines Track, Overhead line, Signs and Power supplies and Cable and Pipelines are involved. In addition, Molhoek CCT, Installation Services/Mobility Solutions, Reef Infra and GBN are responsible for a wide range of work within the rail contract itself. 

Thinking together in lifespans
For this project, the washed and recycled ballast of GBN is being used. For other sustainable applications, we and ProRail will be looking at the options. 

Rail plan Northern Netherlands
Groningen Spoorzone is one of the important projects of the Rail plan Northern Netherlands. As a result of this plan, the travel options by train to the north will significantly increase. This will create faster connections in the region and to the Randstad.