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13 switches around Leiden station

Strukton will be performing preparatory work to make Leiden more accessible in the future.

On behalf of ProRail, Strukton is replacing thirteen switches and around 250 metres of rail around Leiden station. The work will be performed over two long weekends (weeks 33 and 44). The project is the preparation for the major transformation of Leiden, which will be taking place in 2019.

At the peak moment, around 60 skilled personnel will be working at the same time. During the work, Leiden station will continue to be accessible for passengers for the most part.

Week 33: replacement of eight switches towards The Hague
Week 44: replacement of four switches under the platform roof of Leiden station. In addition, one switch towards The Hague will be replaced. Molhoek CCT is also raising around 300 metres of platform.

Machines in action
To complete the work, various work trains, Gottwald cranes and Unimat stop machines were used.

The first material is already ready