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Bodycam for NS employees

Around 700 Safety & Service employees at NS are being equipped with bodycams.

Since 2017, Strukton Systems has been the contract partner for NS for camera systems and in that capacity is responsible for the implementation and control of the cameras. On Wednesday 4 July, the first NS employees received their cameras.

Camera systems can be found at many train stations in the Netherlands where Strukton is the contract partner.

The camera records images and sound. Justice, police and NS can use these images – in addition to images from the cameras which are already installed in trains and at stations – for detective and prosecution purposes.

Supplier of the bodycams is Zepcam from Zaltbommel. The aim is that NS employees can use this tool if a situation threatens to escalate.

Of course, plenty of attention is devoted to properly handling and securing privacy-sensitive information in accordance with GDPR.