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Partnering to further improve smart maintenance

Siemens and Strukton Rail are partnering to optimally use the opportunities of the IoT in smart maintenance and asset management.

Together, the companies are developing an application that automatically recognises incipient malfunctions on rail tracks before they actually occur based on automatic video recognition. The application combines profound expertise of Siemens in data analytics and artificial intelligence based on Railigent together with Strukton’s video monitoring system and extensive domain knowledge in the area of rail maintenance.

Railway managers and operators are increasingly urged to improve the availability of their assets while at the same time lower the cost. They also wish to have insight into the condition of their assets. New technologies like remote sensing and big data processing provide opportunities to improve safety, availability and reduce cost. It is the integration of these technologies and domain knowledge that makes these opportunities really powerful.

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“The Railigent application suite enables Strukton Rail to actually combine desired architectures and artificial intelligence tools with proven best practices to realise an evolutionary approach of smart maintenance. This will help our customers worldwide to prevent failures, plan maintenance activities, reduce cost and improve availability of tracks”
Jacob Zeeman, CEO at Strukton Rail Nederland

Strukton will premiere the new Railigent application at the InnoTrans 2018, along with other innovations and developments in the field of smart maintenance.