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Skilled workon lift bridge Gouda

Over the coming Ascension holiday weekend from 10 to 13 May, we will be working on the double rail lift bridge in Gouda for ProRail.

This will involve a 100 hour shutdown.

For this project, we will be working closely with engineering consultants Movares and our colleagues from Strukton Civiel. The cables that raise the bridge sections need replacing. The bridge, with track, overhead line and protection, must then be recalibrated. This is interdisciplinary work in which our colleagues can demonstrate their professional skills. 

To prepare for the coming weekend, we have already carried out some preparatory work. The lift cables have been replaced and the spring packet overhauled (including new cup springs). In addition, the cable reels were cleaned, the ballast box connected to the free coupling devices and the mortar sets placed at the bottom and top of the bridge. 

Getting started!
At the start of the 100-hour shutdown, we will start jacking up the Zuidbrug. Once the bridge is secured, we will start work on the rail track of the Zuidbrug. We then start jacking up the Noordbrug, so that the tension of the cables is in balance. Then we will adjust the balance cables of the Noordbrug, after which we will jack down the Noordbrug and check whether the bridge is lying on the bridge bearings (sideways), uncouple the ballast boxes and re-tension the cables. Once the Noordbrug has been correctly adjusted, we will start work on the railway track of the Noordbrug. In parallel, we will adjust the Zuidbrug. Our stop machine will then stop the track and our overhead line specialists will start work regulating the overhead line. For this purpose, they will use an automatic assembly wagon. 

Fotograaf Henri Westerveld