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Start of Veluwe track renewal project

Starting on 27 April 2018, Strukton Rail will renew the superstructure in the Veluwe region in 9 days’ time by order of ProRail.

Strukton Rail will renew some 18 kilometres of track between Apeldoorn and Stroe, replacing the sleepers and ballast. The rails will be renewed over a length of some 1,500 metres. Strukton Rail will also renew 900 metres of track at the railway yard in Stroe. This part will be renewed in the classic style with re-use of rails. Strukton will reconstruct the track on the existing ballast, before Strukton’s chain ballast cleaner will come into action.

Railway renewal Veluwe

Level crossings
Strukton Rail will also be renovating a number of level crossings, building two ‘Harmelen’ crossings (one in Stroe and one in Apeldoorn) with heavy crossing plates and converting several level crossings from heavy universal type to the Strail type. The rails and glued joints will be renewed as well.

Strukton is deploying its chain ballast cleaner for this project. This high-output machine digs out the old ballast under the sleepers and transports it to a sieve. The useable material is sifted out in the sieve. The useable ballast is put back in the track. The remaining material is removed by rail in MFS wagons. Other machines coming into action are several cranes on lorries, the tamping machine and the ballast profiling machine.

The work is needed to keep the track in prime condition. The renewal project will take place during the holiday period to keep passenger inconvenience to a minimum.