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Getting started in three new maintenance areas

This year, Strukton Rail is starting work in three new maintenance areas.

These are the Betuwe, Kennemerland and Amstelsepoort. The Amstelsepoort area is not completely new to Strukton Rail. Strukton Rail had also kept the rail in top condition in the past, although the areas then involved were Duivendrecht and Weesp.

In addition to the new contracts, Strukton Rail maintains the rail in the areas Zeeland, the Veluwe and the Wadden. In total, Strukton Rail maintains over 40% of the rail system in the Netherlands. This covers over 2,800 kilometres of main track and sidings (heavy rail), 60 km lightrail, 2,000 switches, 2,500 km overhead line, 700 level crossings and 650 bridges.

More rail maintenance
Besides the above performance-driven maintenance areas (PDMs), Strukton Rail also maintains the rail system in Dordrecht, Limburg and Chemelot. In Utrecht, Strukton Rail maintains the SUNIJ tram line and the future Uithof line. In The Hague, Strukton Rail is responsible for maintaining the RandstadRail lightrail network.