Video Track Inspector

Find deviations at an early stage with automated image recognition. Cameras see more than the human eye.

Effective maintenance is of major importance for a properly operating railway network. The Video (or Digital) Track Inspector plays an important role in this. It replaces traditional inspections of assets by video data analysis combined with artificial intelligence, algorithms and domain knowledge.

Sensors and cameras see more than the human eye

The Video Track Inspector involves trains full of sensors and cameras running on the tracks. The trains inspect switches, rails and overhead lines. The inspection system collects and processes the images and automatically detects deviations or defects. The algorithms subsequently indicate whether maintenance is needed immediately or at some time in the future. The algorithms are trained with real-life examples through labelled pictures and improved by feedback data from using the tool in operation.

"The Video Track Inspector produces significant savings, sometimes up to 20%"

Faster, safer and cheaper inspections

The Video Track Inspector makes it easier, safer and faster to continuously inspect rail assets. After all, the human eye can impossibly see everything. Rail inspection trains are planned in-between regularly scheduled trains. No tracks need to be taken out of service for inspection. As a result, the Video Track Inspector produces significant savings, sometimes up to 20%.

Control Centre service

The Video Track Inspector is connected to the Strukton Control Centre. The Control Centre supplies analyses and information that can be used to by the maintenance team to solve the problem. Preventing failures is better than repairing them.

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