Reduce maintenance and malfunctions

Efficient maintenance of the rail system with minimum impact for passengers and operators. That is what we aim for with our expertise, experience and supported by innovations and digital tools.

The number of trains and rail passengers is growing. This increases pressure on the public transport system. Higher demands are placed on the availability of modern railway systems. High-density rail networks require more maintenance. Though time for performing maintenance is increasingly limited.

As a smart maintenance specialist in high-capacity railway systems, we guarantee continuous improvement in network performance and safe conditions.

"We develop advanced digital maintenance technologies and apply these to safeguard the availability and safety of railway systems."

Data-driven maintenance

We develop advanced digital maintenance technologies and apply these to safeguard the availability and safety of railway systems. This unique combination assures customers of proven and robust technologies. One example is condition monitoring combined with smart algorithms.

24/7 Insight

POSS, Strukton’s monitoring system, makes use of big data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning technology. The hardware consists of data loggers and non-intrusive sensors (no galvanised connection) linked to an advanced software system that provides users with 24/7 insight into the performance of critical assets. Smart algorithms analyse and interpret all collected data and report on the root causes of failure modes. This enables railway operators to intervene at the right time and at the right place.

POSS in one minute

Notifications and predicting

The predictive strength of POSS means that users and technicians only receive a notification, by SMS, email, WhatsApp or Skype, when this is really necessary. As a result, technicians immediately know where they need to be, what the problem is and how to solve it. Thanks to real-time insight into the performance behaviour of all assets, POSS users are able to carry out maintenance activities far more efficiently. This in turn provides for the higher availability of their railway system.

POSS as virtual assistant

POSS is the virtual assistant in monitoring the required performance of assets. It translates condition data into valuable information with the help of increasingly smarter algorithms.

We supply the system with feedback from technicians and users to continuously make POSS smarter and improve its ability to predict potential maintenance needs. This way, based on a smart standard, we anticipate specific situations and our users always have access to the most recent advanced technologies and functionalities. Depending on the subscription selected (basic, plus or advanced), the customer can make use of smarter tooling and services linked to POSS, which further enhances its impact. We can help companies adjust their maintenance processes, so as to realise the maximum potential of both POSS and the network.

Non-intrusive monitoring

POSS monitors the parameters that affect the performance of essential assets along railways, such as switches, track circuits, level crossings and access detection. The parameters monitored by POSS, include temperature, current, impact, movement, humidity, hydraulic pressure and more. All of the collected data is transmitted to the online analysis environment. Here smart algorithms analyse the data under the watchful eye of maintenance experts. The latest acquired information is available online 24/7. As a result, all relevant information is always accessible to our users.

POSS is a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) product. The system complies with all relevant European railway standards, in the areas of EMC, safety and ICT security.

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