More spacious trains and cleaner air in Mumbai

Improved public transport in fight against traffic congestion

The Mumbai million-plus urban agglomeration in India is not known for its clean air. With more spacious trains, equipped with air conditioning, we are making travelling by rail more attractive. Even car drivers now prefer to take the train. This improves air quality and accessibility.

Millions of people take the train each day in Mumbai. This is important in a city having to contend with air pollution and poor accessibility. However, this situation is unsafe and uncomfortable. Because during the trip, it became boiling hot due to the lack of air conditioning.

The customer's challenge

The Indian Railways trains provided space for only 1,700 passengers, while during peak hours as many as 4,500 passengers were forced to share the scarce space in the nine train units.

This is how we are helping Indian Railways

Strukton Rail supplied the power electronics for the first passenger train with air conditioning in Mumbai. The train units are more spacious and offer space for 1,028 sitting and 5,964 standing passengers during rush-hour. The trains are designed to travel at a maximum speed of 110 km/hour. Aside from being more spacious and comfortable, the trains are also considerably safer because of the automatically opening and closing doors.

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