Travel info at the right place and time

Anyone travelling by public transport depends on reliable, up-to-date travel information. DRIS responds to this need.

Today’s passengers are demanding increasingly better travel information during their trips. With its in-house-developed dynamic travel information systems (DRIS), Strukton Systems provides for optimal and up-to-date travel information. DRIS complies with European standards.

Information always up to date

DRIS collects and distributes up-to-date information about the locations, arrival and departure times, and the platforms of trains, buses, metros and trams. By using GPS to obtain real-time position information, the system knows exactly where a vehicle is located at any point in time. As a result we are able to display any deviations from the timetable on a timely basis. Passengers can immediately see this on the displays on the platforms, as well as on the train or on the bus.

More than travel times

Studies show that reliable and up-to-date travel information scores high among passengers. Now that increasingly more carriers aim to provide a seamless door-to-door travel experience, the interest in travel information is increasing. Our systems integrate the data generated by different public transport modalities into a single well-organised whole. Furthermore, we also enrich the data with relevant additional information about the station area, for example accessibility for less able-bodied persons, the availability of public transport bicycles and the current occupation of the trains.

"Ranging from the collected data to its distribution and display on full-colour displays; we provide an overview of the entire chain"

Overview of the entire chain

Passengers are annoyed by erroneous or missing information. Through monitoring and diagnostic systems tests we therefore closely keep track to determine whether the distributed travel information indeed ends up at the right place. Ranging from the collected data to its distribution and display on full-colour displays; we provide an overview of the entire chain. DRIS delivers an end-to-end solution for passengers who want to have their trip by public transport go as smoothly as possible.

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