The train protection specialist of choice

Ranging from the maintenance of current systems to the implementation of ERTMS/ETCS: we are the partner of choice for a safe system along the railway.

Safety on the railway is a priority for us. With our knowledge of current control systems and computer-controlled systems, we ensure that trains drive safely.

The ERTMS and ETCS partner of choice

We are the only party with experience in installing the new European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) along railways and the European Train Control System (ETCS) inside trains. This combination is unique. We work together with all manufacturers to ensure that your railway is always equipped with a safe system. An additional benefit of this modern system is that trains can drive faster and more frequently.

We installed ERMTS in the Netherlands along the Utrecht – Amsterdam route, as a result of which the Dutch National Railways (NS) can drive a train here every ten minutes. We also equipped the Betuwe route and the railway in Jutland in Denmark with ERTMS. In Denmark, the trains we equipped with ETCS can drive at a higher maximum speed, so that passengers arrive at their place of destination faster and safe.

"With our knowledge we keep your railway up to date for the long term"

Knowledge partner for the long term

Who still has knowledge of the mechanical equipment that was installed after the Second World War and is still functional today? We have that knowledge and the staff needed to maintain these old systems in-house. In addition, we can gradually replace these old safety systems with today’s computer-controlled technology. We can modify the railway in its entirety for this purpose, so that the train driving frequency can also be increased. And while we are converting the railway, we ensure that trains simply continue driving. With our knowledge we keep your railway up to date for the long term.

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