Total operational & maintenance solutions

On request, we are happy to perform the comprehensive maintenance and operation of your rail network, enabling you to focus on your core business.

You don’t have tracks for nothing. You need to count on them being safe and available at the lowest possible cost. At the same time, you want to be preoccupied with this as little as possible. As such, you could choose to delegate operational and maintenance tasks to a reliable partner who can assume full responsibility for the network on your behalf. A partner capable of joining forces with you strategically in pursuit of your long-term interests. Are you interested? We are up for the challenge!

Proven reliability

Strukton Rail is the only company in the world capable of offering you an all-inclusive solution when it comes to assuming responsibility for rail operations and maintenance. We can do so based on years of accumulated knowledge and experience in the field of operating and maintaining the Netherlands’ privatised rail network. As Europe’s biggest track maintenance company, we have all the necessary people and solutions in house. What’s more, we own the branch lines and sidings of major companies such as Tata Steel and Dow Chemicals.

Smart solutions

In such cases, we determine whether maintenance, repair or replacement is necessary. We do so on the basis of years of accumulated experience. But also on the basis of a large volume of international data we collect and analyse at our control centre. Because we translate this information into smart solutions, for example, we continually improve performance at a minimal cost for our customers. This is all done in the interests of guaranteeing 100% rail network reliability in both the short and long term. We also continue to invest nonstop in new technology and the knowledge possessed by our own people.