Powerful rail transport

Faster trains, increased train services and higher acceleration & deceleration rates affect power requirements. But that need not be a problem!

Today’s rail transport, with faster and more powerful trains and increased train services, increases the demands on rail infrastructure. With 100 years of experience and highly specialised competence we offer reliable and cost-efficient power supply systems for railways.

Increase in railway energy consumption

Faster trains mean a cubic increase in railway energy consumption. Trains that travel twice as fast result in an eightfold increase in demand for electric power. Increased train services also affect power requirements, as does the fact that today’s trains have both higher acceleration and deceleration rates. This requires more powerful power supply systems to ensure robust and reliable train services.

We install and maintain power supply systems, based on our competence in mechanical, electrical and systems engineering. Our engineers have in-depth knowledge of the products and systems we design and deliver. Another advantage is our wide network of excellent and experienced suppliers and subcontractors. Altogether this is something our customers appreciate.

"We provide cost efficient and sustainable solutions"

The modular concept

To provide trains with electric power, converter stations are located at intervals along the railway. Converter stations transform the current from the power grid into the current required for the overhead lines. The power is then fed to the overhead contact system that distributes the power to the trains. We have developed a modular converter station concept that shortens the delivery time by up to 50 percent, and reduces cost by around 15 percent. The modular concept also includes a mobile concept.

Sustainable leading-edge technology solutions

We work actively to achieve sustainable development. By maintaining our leading-edge in technology we can provide cost efficient and sustainable solutions to our customers, in particular where the environmental impact must be minimised.

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