Energy transmission and distribution

We provide solutions for transmission and distribution of (renewable) energy with inhouse engineering knowledge and experience.

We love energy projects! High-voltage, medium-voltage. Design, development, documentation, construction, maintenance, 24/7 service. You name it, we fix it. There is one prerequisite: We only act when we can act safely. Safety awareness is ingrained in our corporate culture.

Future-proof power supply

An always-on power supply is something we take for granted. Yet, it’s not something that just happens all by itself. We make power supply future-proof together with our customers.

We have strong experience and knowledge in the field of high- voltage systems: lines, cabling, substation design, and protection and control. And we can offer advanced civil and system engineering. We apply international communication protocols, IEC 61850 standard, and use Building Information Modeling (BIM) software.

"We make power supply future-proof together with our customers"

Automation projects

For specific market segments (power transmission and distribution, railways, locks and bridges and process industry), we offer automation projects helping other businesses bring in the technology to optimise processes and maintenance activities. We always wish to ensure a safe, energy-efficient and streamlined production process with short lead time.

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